Sunday, April 26, 2015

Links: Museum of Contemporary Photography MOCP Submission Page

I found a great submission link at the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College in Chicago. They ask for portfolio submissions, it is very difficult to send in real life portfolios but they have a easy to do online process way to do it. You can upload your photos/projects directly on to the site for the museums jury people. Portfolio reviews are done monthly. I plan on submitting work from a number of projects. I love these online submission processes, so easy, so efficient. In the future if I am living in Asia for extended periods I can easily submit my digi work as well (am thinking of doing a digi project on sex worker portraits).

1) "My Fathers Last Days"
2) "Families of the Dump"
3) "Thai Sex Worker"
4) "Muay Thai Boxer"
5) "Klong Toey Slum"