Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Links: Pook Bar Worker Murder Case

Here is a typical Thai bargirl story that goes all wrong. The victim Pook was 31 years old, and supporting a child and probably her family back home. Many girls from rural areas of Thailand come to the big city of Bangkok to work the bars to help their children and families. Pook was murdered cut up and placed in a suitcase before being thrown in a river. Tragic story, that is repeated quite often in Thai. Here mom who she was sending money to reported here missing, why not Pook's friends or the bar she worked at?

Pook was older, 31, so was probably more desperate to find a customer. Girls in the bars need to fill a quota of customers each month, maybe she took the wrong man to fill her quota. As you get older it gets harder and harder to work, harder to find foreign men that are interested. All she was trying to do was make money to help her family. Most girls who work the bars come from the countryside, in Issan province which is the poorest area of Thailand. Not sure if that was the case here but I would not be surprised if it was.

Stories like this, and the memories of the people I met in that world compel me to go back and continue to tell those important stories. How many other girls working the bars are murdered and then forgotten?

I do not understand the brothel world (where local Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, Laos men go for bought sex) that well but from what I have seen, read and watched, that scene is even worse than Pook's. I wanted to do portraits for "Lost Innocence" of the brothel workers.  In that world the girls are younger, even more vulnerable. They are truly anonymous, forgotten and easily replaced. Scary shit all the way round, those stories have to be told, THEY NEED TO BE TOLD!

YouTube Video Of Pook With Customer

Man Wanted Over Nana Plaza Bar Girl Murder
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BANGKOK: -- Police have today released CCTV images of a white male they wish to question in connection with the brutal murder of a 31 year old Thai woman.

On November 9th it was reported that the cut up body of a woman had been found in a suitcase thrown into the Mae Klong River. The killer had mixed the victims body parts with animal meat in an attempt to disguise the human remains.

Investigators finally linked the body in the suitcase to a Soi 4 bar worker from Si Saket, naming the mother-of-one as Miss Lakshmi or “Pook”, after a payment due to be sent to her family on Nov. 12th failed to arrive leading her mother to report the disappearance of her daughter to the police.


Miss Lakshmi and the white male suspect were last seen leaving Nana Plaza just before midnight on November 1st, where they took a taxi to Kanchanaburi. Police have questioned the taxi driver and are also studying CCTV from the area to try and piece together the couples movements in a bid to find further clues and witnesses.

If you recognize the well built white male in the photos with “Pook” or have seen him, please contact the police.


Update: Here is an update on the investigation into this terrible crime.