Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Camera: A Fun Camera To Shoot?

For fun I am looking at a new camera, a camera I have nothing really that close to. The camera is the Fuji G617. A 6x17 medium format camera with a 105mm F 8 lens on it. Focusing is zone focusing (do not really like that), you compose through the wacky external finder mounted to the top of the camera. The only thing I have close to this would be my Hasselblad Xpan 35mm panoramic (less quality, smaller film size). The used price for this camera varies quite a bit from $900 to around $2200 USD, there is a nicer unit now selling for $1400 USD.

One roll of 120mm film gives you 4 exposures with this camera : )).

Note* There is also a newer more expensive GX 617 version of this camera. It has pricey interchangeable lens, a 90mm, 180mm and a 300mm.
Fugi G617