Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Larry's Artist Talking Tip Points

Tonight had a nice 3+ hour chat/dinner with my friend Larry who is a world class photographer. We spoke of many things, he is getting a book published of his work, a high end and beautiful book. He is having 500 copies done, the cost will be over $40 000, maybe as much as $100 000.

It should be an amazing book, world class quality in every way, 100 or so photographs, slip jacket. Some of the books will be special edition with a signed print included etc. It will be extremely expensive but probably as good or near as good a photo book as has ever been made. Will post a link to this amazing book project later when it is completed, it might take 6 months are so (2 months for printing the rest for design etc.). Larry is very hands on, so will be involved with all elements of its production. The book will be designed, printed in Vancouver and binded in the USA.

We also spoke of artist talks and making a PowerPoint presentation. Here are some of Larry's thoughts.

Artist Talks

1) Speak SLOWLY
2) Do not move around to much when speaking, walking about it is disorientating and disturbing to the crowd.
3) Try and not say "Um, Um, Um!" all the time, highly annoying for people that are listening.
4) Do not ramble, keep focused and on point, and short!
5) Video tape the talk and then re-watch it to improve. Learn from your mistakes, get better each time.

On his PowerPoint presentation, how it is divided up and designed.

1) Opening introduction, thanks, who I am, a bit of history, intro to picture music montage
2) Show secondary images in a musical montage, lasts 3-4 minutes.
3) Main body of the talk, which can last 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minute. Scroll through the photographs and speak about each one. Keep an eye on the PowerPoint time clock to make sure  you do not speak to long, you will bore people. Leave out poor images, only the best of the best, DO NOT SPEAK TO LONG, intro to a 2nd short (say it will be short) music picture montage.
4) The 2nd, lighter music picture montage, landscapes, friendly portraits, color shots.
5) Take questions.

Will follow my friends advice. I will use his speaking suggestions on August 31 when I do my "Healing Process" talk (30-40 minutes). When I make up my PowerPoint, will follow his example there as well (except for maybe the second friendly music montage part). I will miss Larry when I am away in Thailand, he is a good friend and his example and advice has helped me improve as a person and as a photographer.