Thursday, August 3, 2017

Facebook: "Healing Process" Opening Night!

A grand opening night at the Art Gallery of St. Albert. Wrote this Facebook reply to my online friend. Luther G (a world class wet plate photographer) who is one of those teaching me the process via Facebook. My reply to Luther, was the highlight of the night for me. Meeting the people who came to see the show.

This show looks utterly amazing. Congratulations on making this find work.

Gerry Yaum Thanks Luther, did the opening tonight, was lots of fun, good turnout cried, people hugged her, comforted her am shared stories. Whenever I do one of these (3rd time showing the photos) I meet amazing people and hear amazing stories. Cancer affects so many lives. Tonight at the opening a woman told me of her brother who she lost 59, another man spoke to me about the death of his mother. A good night, of shared stories and experiences. Art can add so much to our lives. I wish dad could have seen it, sure he would have loved it.