Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fascinating Working System By Photographer Ian Kasnoff

Here is a photographer I learned of tonight on Facebook. He does ultra large work in a trailer camera. Shoots onto Ilford photo paper (a negative) . I think he also uses this Galaxy direct positive paper product (first I have heard of this paper). Need to study and learn more of his work in the coming days. He seems to be a ground breaking type of guy. Check out the links to this dedicated artist.

Update* What is the deal with guys named Ian and super large cameras?
 Update** I could very easily seem myself working with direct postive paper in the future. Either the high speed stuff below or the Iford Harmon version (have some in the darkroom now, I think!).
Galaxy Hiper Speed Photo Direct Positive Paper
B&H Photo Prices For Galaxy Direct Positive Paper (free Canada shipping)

Ian Kasnoff with his Trailer camera
Ian Kasnoff with a paper negative
Ian Kasnoff's Trailer CameraIan Kasnoff At Work Video #2