Monday, August 7, 2017

FaceBook: Metal Parts For My 35x35 Camera

Here are the metal parts for the 35x35 inch Camera I am having built! The camera should be completed and safely packed away before I go to Thailand, hope hope! 2-35x35 inch cameras are being built at the same time, one for me myself and I and one for another photog who will have an assistant(s) to help him haul this beast around. Hope I can handle the camera without assistants, it will weigh 90-100 lbs without the huge 1800mm lens or plate holder mounted. This camera (got to give her a name) will definately be a big challenge to use and transport, especially as I age (am 53 now). But that is what life is all about, facing and overcoming challenges. This is going to be fun! If I fail in this slightly (major?) crazy venture so be it! At least I went down swinging, trying to do my best, we all only have one life to chase down our dreams.