Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Photographer Tony Lovell, Camera On Car Design

I found this ingenious. It was made by wet plate photographer Tony Lovell from the UK. A simple idea and great little design. Tony says the set up is very stable.

I hope to do higher view point shots when I do my "KANATA" wet plate project. Maybe I could do something like Tony did but on top of a larger/taller utility truck. I would have to figure some safety protocals for both me and the camera. Do not want to fall off and break my back! Being able to shoot from high vantage points when needed could be a huge compositional advantage. I would have to take along a portable ladder. The HF3535 would probably be too big and heavy to put on the roof of a vehicle, but the 8x10, 11x14m 14x17 and 16 x20 cameras could all be shot that way.