Sunday, August 6, 2017

Film Development By Inspection? Lets Give it A Try

I bought me me Kodak Wratten Series 3 filter (deep green) of eBay. My plan is to give development by inspection a try. W. Eugene Smith always developed film this way, recently  I found a link by the ULF photographer Michael Smith explaining how he develops his large sheet film by inspection.  Why not give it a try, it can't hurt, it might improve the quality of my negs, which would make printing so much easier. It might also have a bit with 35mm exposure screw ups which I still do occasionally. My thinking is use this technique with my 35 Tri-x just like my idols Smith. It is never to late to try new ways to do things.

The filter was relatively cheap. I will use it with old stored gear, a Kodak safe light and timer with foot switch (set to 2 seconds). We will see how it goes, looks like I will be testing this out on my return from Thailand, using film I do not worry about fogging. Maybe some of you out there reading this would like to give it a try also, here is the Michael Smith link with info. If it works for you send me a note we can learn together.
Michael Smith: Developing By Inspection