Monday, August 7, 2017

HF3535 Update Photos, The Cameras Metal Parts

Hey everyone I got some updated photos on the my 35x35 inch view camera that is being built for me, the HF3535. Filip the builder injured his hand a month or so back and has been recuperating which slowed the build down a bit. He is back at work on the camera now thou and promises me I will have it safely packed away here in Canada before I fly to Thai for 6 months.

I sent Filip the flange for my 1780mm F14 Nikkor Apo lens. He is going to attach it to a lens board for me.

Here are pics of the metal parts being shined up for use. Mr. Carlos is the fellow in the pics helping Filip get the job done on time.

Note* The HF3535 should allow me to make 35x35 inch ambrotype photos for the "KANATA" cross Canada wet plate project.

Note** I have 3 possible lens for this camera, the 1780mm Apo Nikkor (covers everything), the 1922 Brass Tessar 180cm (covers closer and medium shots, possibly longer also) and my 42 inch Red Dot Goertz (might cover closer compositions).
HF3535 Camera Metal Parts