Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bought Me A 175mm Petzval Lens From Poland

Not sure if this is a good 175mm buy lens or not, but the seller from Poland wanted $225 USD for it with only $15 USD shipping. I offered $165 USD and was accepted. I figured it was acceptable low ball offer on my part. A buy of some  but minimal risk, will see where  it leads. I hope to use this lens to do 4x5 ambrotypes and  glass negs with my Korona camera. A petzval style lens with a working aperture and flange for $165 USD can't be too bad a deal. Not sure of the max aperture (f3?f4? f5.6?), or what a picture made with this thing will look like. That is usually a chance you take when you buy old brass lens.  I hope this lens has a really cool swirly look. If it does then this was a great and important buy. One of those deals where if I get 1 or 2 good ambrotypes/negs out of the deal it was probably worth it.

175mm Petzval lens with working aperture and flange

The sellers eBay, advert:

Modified lens  / PETZVAL TYPE /

 PHOTO LENS / with original glass /

3,3/175 mm

In front - an achromatic doublet, which combines crown glass and flint glass ;
rear - air separate between crown and flint ,

   good conditions with
 signs of used on metal body,
 the front ring for the glass slightly bent from the front side ,glass in very good condition . 
without mould and cob , no haze , no BIG scratches in front and rear , a few very, very thin in front ... 

high of lens - 118 mm , diameter front  - 84 , rear 84 mm, 
connect ring  - diameter is 107,4 mm,
with  the connect ring .
Without the  rack&pinion mechanism , mounted aperture with 16 blades / works ok / .
In original probably very early / Looking at the structure / soft focus .

Will cover 4*5 in.

*** thanks for looking ***