Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Received The "Healing Process" Artist Fee

This afternoon after waking up I found my artists fee check from the AGSA "Healing Process" show waiting for me at the front door. Now that is a nice waking up present! I look at this payment as the final time dad is helping me out with some money. My father always worried about me my whole life, often offering me money even after I refused it. I would tell him I had a job and did not need it, that I was OK and had money. Dad would always say "Take it, you need it more than I do." This is the last of those situations. The check I got today from the gallery/CARFAC/Dad was for $871 CAD, the highest artist fee I have ever received. I will put the this money into my savings account for the coming 6 month trip to Thailand. $871 should pay for at least 2 months rent, possibly as much as 3 months in Mae Sot (not sure on the rental costs yet). Thank you dad, thank you Art Gallery of St. Albert, and thank you CARFAC. Your help will allow me to continue to tell the stories I need to tell.

Note* The artist talk I am doing for "Healing Process-My Fathers Last Days" on August 31st at 630pm, also has a paid fee. Not sure how much that will be. That speaking fee money will be donated to the families in Mae Sot at the dump. A gift from my father to the children who live in that difficult world. Dad always loved and worried about children, now after he has passed he will continue to help them. This exhibition has been wins all round!