Thursday, August 10, 2017

How To Make Money For "KANATA" ?????

Tonight at work I am thinking forward to my future "KANATA" cross Canada mammoth wet plate photography project. How to financially support such a major undertaking? If this thing does happen, it will take over 10 years to produce (2-4 months a year). I will need plenty of money to get this done. Money to buy all the supplies, money for travel, money for living. I will have some saved money to spend at that point in my life. Will it be enough money? I doubt it. I was thinking of other sources of income that could possibly be in play.

They include:

1) Ambrotype and or print sales (definitely possible, have sold work many times before, if this goes well it could possibly lead to a major funding source).
2) Grant funding by local, provincial and national Canadian art funding bodies (difficult but possible, I have received an arts grant before).
3) Wet plate workshops country wide. Possibly other types of photography workshops in my truck darkroom (very good chance, already done workshops, not wet plate but other types)
4) "KANATA" related T-shirts sales if and when the project becomes more known and recognized. . Other related project promotional items could be sold (could be done).
5) Artist fees from exhibitions of the work. (very good chance, already done this)
6) Book sales (this one is a real long shot, first getting a photo book and actually selling them for a profit).
7) Selling of old unused photo gear (I own lots of gear that I could sell, very doable).
8) Donations from people who support my work and the project. Either just outright gifts of money for "KANATA" or funding with a reward through the various online funding websites (I guess this is possible thou not sure it would work. Others have raised fund this way for their photo work including wet plate projects.).