Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Nikon APO Lens, Used By Kurt Moster

Here are some of the lens Kurt Moser uses. I own the 1780mm and a 600mm Apo Nikkor. I would like to get the 890mm and maybe the 1210mm. I do have a red dot Goerz that  is 42 inches (1066mm)and another red dot Goertz that is 19 inches (482mm) so maybe those lens will fill my needs.

I believe these lens are the:480
Apo Nikkor 480mm  f9
Apo Nikkor 610mm  f9
Apo Nikkor 890mm  f11
Apo Nikkor 1210mm f12,5

Apo Nikko 1780mm f14

Kurts Apo Nikkor Lens