Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vietnam Era Photojournalist Catherine Leroy

After reading a face book post tonight from John P I have been studying the life and career of war photojournalist Catherine Leroy. In the interview linked below she says she went to Vietnam on a one way ticket with $100 and 1 Leica at age 20. How can you not love that? Amazing courage and guts. Wish I had the same amazing drive and dedication of this 85 pound lady (her cameras weighed as much as she did in Vietnam)

Catherine Leroy with 2 American marines, Vietnam
Here is a link to an interview with Catherine Leroy done in 1985. She was almost killed by shrapnel in Vietnam (it bounced off her Nikon) and I guess she suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, she died quite young in 2006 at age 61.
C-Span Interview With Catherine Leroy, 1985

US Marine Vernon Wike, with his dead comrade. Battle for Hill 881, Vietnam 1967. by Catherine Leroy
Here is a link with more info on the iconic photograph shown above.