Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I Screw Up, I Missed A Contact Attempt By A St. Albert Gazette Reporter

Quite by accident today I found a Facebook message sent to me Monday (hope it was this last Monday) by a St. Albert Gazette reporter. I guess they wanted to interview me and do a story on "My Fathers Last Days-Healing Process". Being a newby person to Facebook I totally missed the message he had sent. Am trying to make up for that mistake tonight, sent him a bunch of emails about "My Fathers Last Days"  and will scan and send some photos next. It might be too late thou to get this done. The opening is tomorrow night, the artist talk on the 31st. I will try my best.

Damn! Hope this is not screwed up beyond repair. Dad would have been proud to have his story, our story in the newspaper.

Update* After my email flurry of yesterday Scott from the Gazette contacted me back today. He said there MIGHT be a chance to do something up before my artist talk on the 31st. He suggested we get back in contact with each other in 2 weeks time.

I hope that happens! Hope this can still lead somewhere positive.