Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bought Me A Leica R Extender-R 2x

Bought me a cheaply priced and cheaply shipped (from Germany) 2x Extender for R Leica lens. This will give me twice the focal length of the lens I will be using at a cost of some speed (1 or 2 stops). I plan to use it with my 60mm f2.8 when I need to have a 120mm focal length.

This will not be an often used item but I will take it with me to Asia when I go. The extender is light and small and an easy camera bag throw in. I figured for the cost $54 USD + $10 USD (shipping) it was well worth it. If I get one important picture out of it, I think it was worth the buy price. Leica builds quality everything and this extender was much more expensive in other auctions $90-$800, depending on age and condition. The one I bought is older and made for R3 and R4 camera bodies, I am hoping it will also work for R6s (why wouldn't it?). I do have a R4 Leica body tucked away in my camera cabinet that I could use if necessary (gosh I have one of EVERYTHING in stoage somewhere!).

Older model Leica Extender- R 2x