Friday, August 11, 2017

HF3535 Camera Build Continues

Here are some more photographs of my 35x35 view camera build taking place in Czechia (Czech Republic). I am very excited by the possibilities this camera creates. What great ambrotypes MIGHT be made in it? I will soon have the camera!, I have the lens!!, I have the will!!! I have the desire!!!! I have the dream!!!!! Lets get this f-ckin thing done!!!!!! :)

First I will need to greatly improve my wet plate technique and knowledge. The plan is to work my way up the scale from 4x5, to 8x10, to 16x20 and then to 35x35. Learning and growing step by step will make this happen. I hope to be shooting this camera and making 35x35 inch ambrotypes for my project "KANATA" by 2022 (possibly sooner).

"KANATA" Blogs

The wet plate learning curve will start on my return from Thailand in around May 2018.  Am taking a bunch of wet plate related reading material with me to Thai. I can study and dream in my free time away from photographing/filming the "Families in the Dump". It will be important to escape and reboot every now and then, and my wet plate dreams will fill that role

The "KANATA" project will be 10+ years of hard work but  I know I can get this done. I have taken on more difficult or as least as difficult projects before.

They include:

1) Photographing Sex Worker 8x10 camera portraits in studio in Thailand (while speaking Thai) "The Sex Workers Of Thailand"
2 ) Photographing in Klong Toeys slum world of Bangkok Thailand.
"The Train Is Coming" Opening Night Exhibition And Background Video
3) Photographing in the Mae Sot Thailand garbage dump of families, children, wild dogs.
"Families of the Dump" Pictures, Video From 2013 (project ongoing)
4) Photographing my fathers year long fight and death from pancreatic cancer.
"My Fathers Last Days" Currently Being Exhibited At The Art Gallery Of St. Albert

This wet plate thing is going to be doable. It will be extremely challenging, and very physically difficult (especially as a I turn into an old fart) but after my previous shooting experiences I know I can do it. I know if I want it bad enough and work hard enough it will get done. I may not be the most talented dude out there but when it comes to commitment and hard work I am pretty strong.

This is all so exciting. Ideas and photos keep flying through my mind! I can see the finished ambrotypes in my head years ahead of when they will be made. I know this is going to happen!

"Ain't Photography Grand!"

Here are the latest photos, things are coming along nicely. I will update with more photos and video later:

HF3535 Camera Build Photos