Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Email: Reminder For "Healing Process" Opening Night

Sent this email out to friends tonight hope some can attend the opening. Hope some of you out there in internet land can as well. EVERYONE IS INVITED!!


Hi All...

A friend reminded me yesterday that he had forgotten about the opening night and suggested that I should send you all yet another reminder for the coming show. Not sure any of you are interested but if you are, my opening night for the exhibition "Healing Process" is August 3 Thursday at 6 pm. I will also be doing a 30-40 minute artist talk on August 31st 630 pm at the gallery. Thanks as always for your friendship and support, it is always so encouraging when your friends stand by you. 

Just to keep you in the loop more of the "Families of the Dump" pictures will be exhibited at the Penticton Art Gallery in 2018, will update you all on that later on.The power of social documentary photography to educate and cause positive change, you got to love it!!  

I am off to Thailand soon, we have raised over $1400 CAD to help the refugee families in the dump. The donations will pay for some school fees and buy boots, food (rice, canned fish etc), headlamps (night work) along with other needed goods. I personally handle the money, buy the supplies and carry everything out to the dump  then hand the things directly to the people in need. I am also taking donated hats and toys for the children with me from Canada to Thailand. You have not experienced joy until you have given a toy doll to a dump child, a child who has almost nothing. I did that 10 or so times last trip, one of the children is in the photo linked below. Her head is shaved because of the lice, many children in the dump have head lice.

Everything will be given out during my 6 months in country. If your interested in helping those in need, please send me a note. If any of you are interested and in Thailand in the next while, give me a whistle and I can show you about, maybe even take you to the dump to meet the incredible people who live and work there. Trust me it might well be a be a life altering experience for you.

Thanks Gerry

Here are all the "Healing Process" details, hope to see all you lovely people there. Also a few links to the making of the some of the images of my beautiful father for the show.