Thursday, August 3, 2017

Opening Night Success And Shared Moments At "Healing Process"

Did the opening night at the AGSA (Art Gallery of St. Albert) tonight, a great night all round. It was a small turnout at first but later on  over the 3 hour run the crowd came (60-80 veiwers?). When I got the microphone and said a few words the crowd was fairly big and got bigger later on. Only 5 or 6 of the folks that I invited showed (1 photo club person), but such is life, everyone is busy. For most folks art and especially social documentary photographic art has little or no importance to them. I did meet several new art folk, and most importantly got to share stories with people about dad, and hear about their lost loved ones.

Here are some opening night photos and guests, I also shot some video, might try putting together a short movie for you all later. The AGSA did a wonderful job presenting the my pictures. I do not think it has ever been presented in a nicer environment (along the Larry Louie Gallery shows). Thanks so much to Jenny and all the wonderful people at the AGSA for their time telling dad and my story.

Update* One thing I was disappointed in was the reflections caused by the glass. I maybe should look into buying non reflective glass for my exhibition frames. Money is so short these days as I try to put together all the funds I need for the 6 month Thai trip.

Update** Thinking back now the day after, on some of the reactions to the pictures. At least one person cried on viewing the pictures, many others could not look at the photos as they were too strong for them (especially the older viewers, closer to that reality?). The emotional reactions to the work, make me feel I am on the right track. The worst kind of creative art is that art that people have no reaction to, it is the art that is like wallpaper than blends in and easily dismissed and forgotten. You want people on seeing your work to be pulled into it, to love it, to cry, or to be repulsed and afraid of it. When your on that emotional reaction path with the viewer you know your doing the right thing.

Here is a link to the exhibition if you want to attend. I will be doing an artist talk on August 31 at 630pm.