Friday, July 14, 2017

My Nikkor 1780mm Apo Process Lens Is HERE!!!

After much trial and tribulation with Fed Ex my beautiful old but new to me 1780mm Nikkor Apo F14 process lens arrived today. I plan on using it (assuming I can attach this 18 lb monster to my HF 35x35 camera) for my retirement 10 year ambrotype project "KANATA" a documentation and interpretation of my country Canada (portraits, landscapes and seascapes). I have the lens at work tonight and am cleaning it up, it is very dusty, probably been sitting in a closet in California for years.
Here she is, ain't she "BEAUTIFUL!" I have been told there might only be 5-7 of these currently being used in the world . The rest of these large, wonderful lens (up to 200 originally made)  were destroyed (what a terrible waste), damaged , or are simply forgotten, hidden away in dark closets.

My Nikkor 1780mm F14 Apo Process Lens