Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Links: Sean Flynn Photojournalist

Tonight while going though a discount photo book I bought last week "War A South Collection" I came upon the work of Sean Flynn. Flynn was the son of movie star Errol Flynn and a B star actor himself. He became a self taught photojournalist known for the intimacy of his pictures. I quite like the powerful work on display in the book so did some research on the man (had a faint recall he died young, killed by the Khmer Rouge).

Sean went missing in Cambodia on April 6, 1970. Here are some details on his life and probable death at 28 He and fellow war photojournalist Dana Stone were probably killed by the Khmer Rouge. Seems Flynn was a risk taker and pushed the envelope, he must have pushed too hard that last day. Sean Flynn could have been a truly great war photographer if given more time, see his strong work below.

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Sean with his dad Errol Flyn who died at 50 in 1959
Sean Flynn in Vietnam
Vietnam by Sean Flynn
Vietnam by Sean Flynn
Vietnam by Sean Flynn
Vietnam by Sean Flynn