Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lab Boy, Lives His Dream

Well my child dream of playing in a laboratory is finally coming forth. When I was younger I always wanted to have my own laborartory so I could play with all the chemicals, beakers, test tubes and the like. My father would occasionally give me some little lab tool for me (not sure what happened to all that stuff). Now after all these yars I am going to do the lab thing for real. Wet plate has opened up the exciting if somewhat dangerous laboratory door for me. I have started collecting, beakers, flasks, ring stands etc for my future in making wet plate chemistry (silver bath, developer and collodion). Most of this stuff is second hand gear but heck it works for me!

Note* Also picked me up a portable digital scale and 3 more 5000ml bottles. These last 3 bottles were a fraction of the cost of the first one I bought ( both bottles are shown below). They are used, American glass costing $20 USD each plus shiping.  I now hav 4-5000ml glass bottles to store my Silver Nitrate baths in when I go on the road long term. I will probably make up 20000ml of Silver bath solution before leaving on my longer "KANATA" project trips. Silver bath is difficult and funky to deal with, having a back up bath is probably a good idea. I do not want to be stranded up in the North West Territories with a 35x35 camera and no functioning silver nitrate!

Various sized flasks
Various sized beakers
Laboratory ring stand
Ring clamps
Expensive 5000ml glass media bottle for Silver Nitrate bath
3x $20 5000ml glass media bottle for Silver Niterate bath