Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bought Me Another Japanese Ambotype Portrait - 3 Women 1850s

Even thou these Japanese portrait ambrotypes are quite expensive I find them almost impossible to lay off of. This one, my 4th, was advertised as coming from the 1850s. It is missing the top cover of the box, which is unfortunate.

Who were these women? What lives did they lead? How long did they live? What did they feel and think? Did they ever fall in love? Were they happy or were their lives filled with sadness and heartbreak?

Ambrotype in anicent Greek means "Immortal"  In the 1850s (or possibly a bit later) these women sat for an ambrotype photo. They posed and someone made a wet plate picture of them. In 2017 their picture was put online for the world to see. Later when I die someone else will own the photograph and wonder about these long ago lives. These women live on through the work, in a sense they have become immortal.

"Ain't Photography Grand!!"

3 mystery Japanese women from the 1850s