Monday, July 10, 2017

Bottles Bottles And More Bottles, Corning Pyrex Plus PVC-Coated 2000ml 2L Glass Media Bottle, 61626-2L, 4/pk

When you work with wet plate chemistry, laboratory grade media bottles is what you want to store your expensive chemicals in. A while back I bought a box of 1000ml bottles from Amazon but I also need bottles for the storage of Silver Nitrate as well as bottles for developer (if I pre-mix the developer), collodion (lots of bottles for longer trips) and varnish.

I am going to try to use these lab media bottles for most wet plate chemicals as I will be travelling with them on the road, in the back of a bouncing-banging truck. The stronger the bottles the better! Here are today's bottle purchases, got these used, still in good condition but the shipping costs on big heavy items like this is quite high. I will probably end up buying some 5000 ml bottles (for the Silver Nitrate bath), some 500ml bottles and possibly some 250ml bottles.

Update:* I picked up 10-500ml new glass media bottles from Amazon for $114.48 CAD with free shipping. I now only need some 5000ml bottles (2-4) and I should be set.

Update** I picked up  2 more 2000ml new glass medial bottles from another USA seller. I now have a total of 6. I can use them for Silver Baths early on in my wet plate learning curve and later when I go to mammoth I will use them to hold Collodion on the longer 3-4 month shooting trips. 6-2000ml bottles should be plenty! I hope!

2000ml Corning Pyrex Plus PVC-Coated Glasss Media Bottles, 4 pack $125 USD plus shipping