Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bought Me A Cheap 600mm Nikkor Apo Process Lens

Bought me a reasonable condition 600mm Nikkor Apo F9 lens for the low low price of $130 USD plus shipping from Thailand.  According to Kurt M this lens might be able to be used with my 35x35 camera. He does use the newer 610mm NIkkor Apo with his cameras (20x24, 35x35). That lens sells on eBay for $600+ USD. If I cannot use this older 600mm version with the 35x35 format, I should be able to use it with when I attach the 20x24 reducing back (which I will  buy separately) or on my 16x20 Chamonix.

Kurt's Lens Choices For His Amazing ULF Mammoth Wet Plate Work

I think this is a fate lens as initially it was won by another person who did not pay  (I was out bid at $177 USD).  I waited out a second  auction at $150 USD and then made my offer of  $130 to the Thai seller who accepted. This lens seemed destined to be owned by me. It should be interesting to see what images will result, what ambrotypes will be created with this old but classic piece of glass. The Nikkor 600s connection to Thailand and my long relationship to that country is also fate like!

As I get older I am starting to believe in words like, FATE, DESTINY and KARMA more! I hope I have some good luck with my new Nikkor Apo 600mm F9. Thailand, Fate Lens.

Nikkor Apo 600mm F9, process lens with flange