Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Healing Process" Invites Have Arrived

I got a packet of 50 (I could have gotten 100 if I wanted)) invites for my upcoming "Healing Process" show a couple of days back. The Art Gallery of St. Albert really does a first class job in presentation and the extras. This is the highest level gallery I have ever been a part of. A first exhibition, a studio visit, media converage/promotion, artist talk, invites etc. It has been first class all the way.

They gallery also sends out postal invitations. I invited a few friends this old fashion way and also sent out cards to many of the big wigs and lesser wigs at the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA), the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC), the Art Foundation of Alberta (AFA) etc. Not sure how many if any of these folks will attend the exhibition but at least I tried to get them to come. That is the best I can do. If they ignore the exhibition and the invitation, so be it.

Here is a look at some of the nice professionally printed invitation notices I received. I will place one in my darkroom, another collected exhibition item, my walls are starting to fill up with these things.

"Healing Process" Art Gallery of St. Albert invites