Sunday, July 2, 2017

Online Message: Another Possible Donation For The "Families" In The Dump

I have another possible donation person for the "Families of the Dump"series/project. This newly met friend wrote me a very kind email tonight, asking about possibly donating. We were communicating and exchanging thoughts on photography, and I told him more and more about the "Family" story, and sent pics, the dump history link etc.  Here is his beautiful message minus his name to protect his privacy.

The world needs more people like this, willing to help others.
Hi Gerry,


I find that as I get older (I'm 56), I'm becoming quite a 'softie'. I tear up easier than I used to, and am moved more easily. I have not watched all the videos yet, but several of them. You are doing amazing, wonderful work! I would have been moved by all I've read and seen at any time in my life.

I would love to be able to give all the people in the world the ability to live lives as filled with happiness, safety, and hope as all of us deserve, but I know I cannot. Heck, I can barely pay my own bills, and have too much back pain to even do the work I'm accustomed to around our home. Watching the people in the dump is amazing for a bunch of reasons, but one is because it re-assures me. Amidst all they are going through, there is obvious joy and love. The smiles and laughter are lovely to see. I expected it from the kids, since kids are so resilient, and they adapt to wherever they are. If all they've known is the dump, they'll find a way to satisfy their need for exploration and play. But even the adults have grins on their faces in many of your photos, and I see pride too, and curiosity, and friendliness, and humor. I cannot take away all the suffering, but people are strong, and families love each other everywhere. It's a joy to see.

I feel odd writing that, because I think I can grasp how little these people have, but you've captured something of their spirit and goodness.

How lucky you are to have found this place that you can be accepted in, and that you can truly help! Your images are changing the world. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

How can I donate?


Upate* My new online friend made his donation, the "Families of the Dump" donation number now sits at  $1401.34 CAD. Thanks so much.