Thursday, July 27, 2017

Whats Up! Next Week

Have a possible darkroom workshop for next week, hope it lines up as I could use the extra doe before I go to Thai, my departure date is quickly approaching. In Asia I will be free to create but also unemployed for 6 months. Love the freedom of being in Thailand, life is too short to just spend (waste) chasing dollars in Canada. Before I go thou a bit of extra money would be welcome.

Next week am meeting my friend Larry who I have not seen for a month or so. Larry probably visited 5 or 6 countries in that period of time so lots to catch up on. I also want to speak to him about the coming 2018 Penticton Gallery show, the artist talk at the AGSA on August 31 and the possible Photography Forum magazines publishing of "Families of the Dump".

Next weeks opening for "Healing Process" should be a nice night out. I will take mom to go see dad hanging on the gallery walls (wish dad could see it). I will try making up a short video of the opening night to post on YouTube. I tried doing that for the last "Trumpet"exhibition but am still struggling with those weird ass RAW video files. I will record "Healing Process" with a different compression format. I also need to make up an enlarged contact sheet of dad 35mm negs I promised the gallery (for teaching purposes).

Another thing I need to get done next week is print 4 photos that I owe Chris M. Chris is the fellow who donated $400 for the dump families, got to make sure I do right by him. I owe him so much. Plus I have to get all the yard work done at both my home and moms. It will be a busy week off.

I think more and more of Thai now, the excitment is building!