Sunday, July 16, 2017

Luther Gerlach's Current Wet Plate Darkroom Vehicle

Was communicating with the great wet plate photographer Luther Gerlach on facebook last night. I guess he also owns a Nikkor Apo 1780mm F14 lens. Luther forwarded this photo of his current vehicle wet plate darkroom to the discussion message board, he can make up to 5x7 foot plates in it. In a series of posts Luther shared with me and others he told us this is the 4th such vehicle he has used. You can see one of the earlier vehilces in my all time favourite YouTube video about the making of a mammoth wet plate photograph of the "Three Graces". I have watched that video a couple of dozen times (link below).

Luther Gerlach's current wet plate darkroom-camera truck
"Three Graces" Photographed By Luther Gerlach