Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bought Me Some More "Unknown Woman" Ambrotypes

Bought 2 more unknown women photographs, this time both are of the same beautify lady. I wonder who she was? What was her story? Got the ambrotypes cheap at $8.95 USD each plus combined shipping. I am thinking of attaching this collected "Unknown Woman" ambrotype series to the inside walls of my wet plate utility truck darkroom. I am hoping their gaze will help propel me forward, help inspire me to complete the massive "KANATA" series.

Note* The Facebook post:

Got me 2 more photos for my "Unknown Woman" ambrotype collection. This time the pics are of the same person. Who was she? What was her story? What kind of life did she have? I find these forgotten faces, these long lost portraits fascinating. Am planning to place the pics inside the mobile wet plate darkroom truck I will eventually put together. I hope these faces from the 100+ years ago will help me to do my own wet plate work. They will be my guardians from a past era, inspiring and pushing me forward.

Unknown Woman #3