Sunday, July 23, 2017

Penticton Art Gallery Update

Seems the Penticton Art Gallery "Families of the Dump" photo exhibition will be happening sometime in 2018 after my return from Thailand. In around May/June of 2018 I will have a whole new selection of 8x10 and 35mm negs to print from along with a documentary film (I hope). The later timing makes sense on a number of levels. I am quite happy that I have an exhibition on my return in 2018. This is added incentive to work extra hard making photographs of the families my next trip.

I will call Paul the director/curator of the Penticton Art Gallery later this week to talk things over. This will be an important show that raises the bar a little on the old CV and more importantly tells the story of the families in a prestigious British Columbia gallery. More people will be able to see the work, hear the stories, some of who might reach out to help those in need.

This will also be my first exhibition in Canada outside of my home province of Alberta. I did have one non Canadian international exhibition of sex worker portraits in New Orleans Louisiana several years ago during the PhotoNOLA photo festival). This thou will be my first Canadian exhibition outside of Alberta. I guess that is a positive step forward. I need to get shows down in Eastern Canada in the next several years as well. Hoping to eventually do major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Winnepec, Hamilton and Montreal.

Update* I spoke to Paul today on the phone. He is OK with the show happening on my return from Thailand and is interested in incorporating some Karen people art alongside the family photos. Not sure how this is all going to run down just yet, more phone calls and communication to follow.