Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great News, Possible New Exhibition At The "Penticton Art Gallery"

I might be getting a smallish group of "Families of the Dump" photographs exhibited at the Penticton Art Gallery. I was contacted today by the galleries director-curator about a possible exhibition between Sept-November this year. The problem of course is that I leave for Thailand mid October. How to fit the show in? I asked for a delayed exhibition, until after my return from Asia in April 2018 or a possible earlier date of September 2017 but am unsure how that would work time wise. I will have to drive down the framed prints to Penticton British Columbia (a different province!) and pick them up before I leave Canada.

I hope we can work this out some how, some way. The Penticton Art Gallery is a very beautiful space and the stories of the "Famlies of the Dump" so important!  The stories of the lives of the people in the Mae Sot dump, need to be told, they have to be told!! I cannot fail them again, it is my responsibility to get their images seen. Even a small show at such a prestigious gallery would be such a lucky gift for me and the families. I really hope we can get this done.

Here is part of the polite email I received, and some shots of the wonderful gallery.

Update* Just thought of something. If I do get a show at the Penticton Art Gallery in September  before I leave for Thai and it does pay an artist fee. I could then donate more to the families than the $1401.34 so far raised. Maybe I should try to get this done before I leave, not after I return.
Update** I wonder how many photographs in a SMALLISH intial solo (?) exhibition.
Hi Gerry;

Sorry for the delay in writing life has a funny way of usurping things and I have been long hoping to reach out to see if we could do a smallish initial exhibition of your photos and documentary here at the Penticton Art Gallery this September - Early November. Let me know if this is possible and again I am sorry for the delay and hope we can make it work on short notice.



The beautiful Penticton Art Gallery, some past exhibitions.