Monday, July 17, 2017

Ambrotype: Unknown Woman 2

Have started collecting these mysterious women from the past, all of them are wet plate ambrotype images. This ambrotype is a bit damaged but cheap, and mysteriously cold and indifferent. The cost was $11 USD plus shipping. Who was she? What happened in her life? This portrait was probably made around 1860-1880.

Here is the FaceBook post I wrote about this sames subect:

$11 USD for this damaged ambrotype of a long forgotten life. Picture is probably from around 1860-1880. Who was she? Whatt was her story? She seems harsh, even angry in this photograph. It would be cool to be able to travel back in time and have a conversation with her, learn about her life, learn what she felt, how she thought. This is the second of my collection, will try to get more of these UNKNOWN WOMEN AMBROTYPES in the future. They can travel with me as my forgotten friends when I do the "Kanata" wet plate project. Will have to attach them to the walls of the mobile truck darkroom some how. Maybe with their ghostly, assistance-help I can get that project done!

Unknown woman ambrotype