Saturday, July 1, 2017

More "Healing Process" Promotion

Found another site with an advertisement promoting "Healing Process". You can tell that the Art Gallery of St. Albert (AGSA) is a more major league type space, everything is done to a higher degree. Printed invites which are sent out, artist talks, studio visits by the curator, heavy promotion of the show etc. There might also be some press coverage. The AGSA is first classs all the way. I am so lucky to be apart of this exhibition. I think it would make dad happy also, I wish I coudl tell him.
Art Gallery of St. Albert

Located in the historic Banque d'Hochelaga building, Art Gallery of St. Albert features contemporary and community exhibitions, brought to life with community programs and events. Education programs offer visual arts opportunities for thousands of children, youth and adults throughout the year.
Jun 1-Jul 29 Technological Wanders: Twyla Exner explores the potential of technology to go awry, spawning mutant living forms that thrive in the manmade landscape. Exner's labour-intensive process marries used, defunct materials with traditional art-making techniques such as weaving, braiding, and knotting. Aug 3-Sep 2 Healing Process: Sima Elizabeth Shefrin, Darian Goldin Stahl, and Gerry Yaum. Three artists use their artistic practice to shed light on treatment, pain, and tragedy, and to reconcile their own emotions and understanding of their experiences.
REPRESENTING: Twyla Exner Elizabeth Shefrin Darian Goldin Stahl Gerry Yaum