Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yaum: Diary Of A Photographer In Asia?

Yaum: Diary Of A Photographer In Asia?, possible title of my non fiction book? Or can I do something part fiction part nonfiction? The poor mans photography version of Capote's "In Cold Blood": )

Am not sure where I will go with the writing a book idea. It might simply be a bunch of blogs put into book form so no extra writing needed. I think thou I need to make it more personal, more personal is always more compelling. Maybe I do something like a scrap book of adventures like photographer Bill Burke did. Photos, scans, writing, money, tickets, signs, all that jazz together in a compelling visual form scrapbook of some kind

I could go the opposite, just do a book of text, a novel? A day to day diary with no pictures? The stories of the people I photograph? A complete work of fiction? Not sure what to try and do. It will be exciting and no doubt extremely difficult to do but heck if it was easy where would the fun be? I want to accomplish something important my next long Asian trip, I am quickly running out of time, running out of life. I need to create something of value.

Write now my thinking is of doing a non fiction, fiction work about a photographer in Asia for 6 months. Parts of it would be my story, parts a fabrication. One thing I like about writing is you can do it anywhere or anytime even  later in life when your old and limited physically.