Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More Writing To Come

I am excited by the possibility future writing projects may present. As the years pass and I write more and more blogs, I have grown to feel comfortable typing down my thoughts. In the coming years I might like to do writing in more formal forms. Poetry is lots of fun to play with, I would also like to try non fiction books and maybe even some fiction.

I might like to try to write some kind of short non fiction book of my next long Asian photo trip (6 month or more) and get it published. Long shot dream stuff most likely, probably nothing would ever get published or sold. I enjoy recording my thoughts so what can it hurt to try? So many people give up on things without even making an effort, I do not want to be one of those folks. The worse that could happen is I fall flat on my ass, so what, been there many times before!

The writing might be a unique separate book or it might just be a simple compilation of past blogs. It might even be a combination of photographs and text on a specific project.

Lots to think about, it's fun to challenge myself with such thoughts. Doing this helps me distract my mind from my fathers situation.

Non Fiction maybe book stuff brain storming:

1) "Lost Innocence", sold to the brothels
2) "Families of the Dump", The illegal desperate life of Burmese refugees
3) Migrant life in Thailand, working far away from home
4) Muay Thai Boxer, trying to become a champion
5) A photographs journey in Asia, travels through the countryside
6) Life in the GoGo, from rural life to bargirl world
7) Ladyboy, on the streets looking for love
8) Monk life, holy happiness
9) Living in the slum, life on the edge in Cambodia
10) Bangkok at night, story of a city
11) Khon Thai, the people of Thailand
12) On the lam, the life of a forgotten photographer in Asia (autobiography)
13) Drug rehab temple, curing the addict
14) Living with HIV in Cambodia