Monday, December 29, 2014

4 Prints Made On Week Off

Managed to get up before work today and print 4 hours on the child in dump shack photo. The Edwal no scratch solution worked very well again, this time I placed it only on the negative plastic side not on both the emulsion and plastic. The product is designed for film so after a rewash and photo-flo the neg turns back to its pristine state. Today I made up 4 prints of this neg which I will wash on returning hope from work tomorrow morning.

This last off work week was a big positive. I made prints of 2 hard negs and 2 average negs. I think I managed to print 4 possible photos for the show. I still have at least 2 more dump negs I want to complete plus 3 or 4 dad photos. I will then need to do secondary printing on all the prints made, plus the spotting and framing. I have about 4-5 weeks to get that all done. I expect to be hanging the the photos sometime the first week of February (probably the 5th and 6th) for the opening which I believe will be on Saturday February 7th 2015.

I am not sure of my "Families of the Dump" print count, probably have to many especially if I do up 2 more. The dad print count is at 3, I will probably need about 6 photos. I also still have to do up the dad artist statement. I also still need to order the final cuts for my 3 blurb magazines which I will do this week. I am awaiting Larry's raw video to do up the final cut of our joint video presentation.