Sunday, December 28, 2014

Free Verse

Been studying the work of Allen Ginsberg recently. I love reading his free verse maybe even more so that Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass". Ginsberg is more modern, more explicit, more wild to read. I think he often wrote high (acid? marijuana?) With free verse you do not have to worry about the rhyme, you can just let your mind-heart flow. If I can communicate feelings, observations and thoughts through free verse, I could really have something. The words could be doubly effective if it dealt with important social issue, maybe in combination with photographs.

I need to read a lot more poetry and then write write and write some more. I hope that will free up my creativity and my ability to express myself. Can you communicate shear passionate emotion through words, through free verse? loss? hate? love?, beauty? anger? lust?

        Fishing With Randy
Water, clear, deep, riddled movement
   Yellow rubber hook bobbling, sharp, barbed
Jerk and dug in, pull, flop and flop
    Neck hot, brown painted wood burning
Perch in sun flogging, fighting, twisting
   Blood drips down, down
Watch, bloody black eye stares up
   Small, green and yellow, spiked, striped, floppity flop
Young, the joy, memory gone past,  smile quiet, freefree
   Days gone by, bye bye