Sunday, December 28, 2014

Todays Darkroom

Well the 3 child dump print was not quite there, the subjects were a bit to contrasty and the background a bit to muddy. I raised the contrast filter for the background burns and lowered the contrast on the subjects. I also did additional burns and dodges, the main added burn was in the lower left corner, I moved from 50 seconds to 110 seconds. I made up 4 more versions of this print, one was damaged during processing. I think I got this neg down now.

I still have to do the child in the dump shack negative. This neg has some scratches on it that I can hide with Edwals No Scratch solution. I think I will try a different neg first, the picture is of a young boy sleeping in a lean too at the dump and surrounded by garbage and a dog. I want to include this photo in the show to help tell the larger story of these people's lives. I am trying to incorporate a wide variety imagery to tell the whole story. The problem is I will only show 14 prints. To tell this story correctly a show like of at the Jubilee (Kaasa Gallery) last year of 37 photos would be much more effective. Still 14 is a hell of a lot better than 0.

Nex a quick meal of pyrogies and sausage and then I will get back into the dark. I am running out of time to print this week. I need to finish up at least 3 photographs to have an acceptable work week. I am standing at 2 right now.

I need to really get on my horse over the next month and a bit, time is running out on me. I need to work harder than I have been.