Saturday, December 27, 2014

Printing: Girl In Garbage Print

Had a tough time with this print, ended up putting in an extra 2 hours at the end when I was quite tired. I pushed things a bit, if that's what it takes I have to make that extra effort. The burning on the upper left, right and lower left corners is extensive. The lower left and upper right require 900 seconds of burning at the max aperture of the lens 2.8. I have never burned that much in when printing a negative it seems to have worked well enough. Try moving a cardboard burning mask for 15 minutes, it's tiring!! Good thing I had a nice comfy high chair to sit on. I will let the 2 prints I made (one with some burn lines) wash and dry, then look at them after my sleep and probably make 1 or 2 more.

The strange part is the neg is not overexposed. There is in fact a black dog sleeping in the shot that is a bit underexposed. The photo was made in very very hot bright sun wit the main subject in deep deep shadow. This sort of subject pushes what you can do with film. I am sure in years past I would not have been able to handle this type of light. Through lots of work my photography has improved and this photo with this very difficult light might actually make it into the exhibition.

The girl in the photo was very photogenic, I have multiple negs of her that I like quite a bit. She had this intense stare that fixates you on her eyes. You wonder about her future.

The shallow depth of field in the photos below are not in the print which is pretty much sharp edge to edge. I love this new Durst 1200 Condenser enlarger, great contrast, great sharpness. I think the bulb it is more longer lasting and less hot (no fan in the enlarger). When I do long long burns like with this print for 15 minutes (900 seconds) there are no adverse affects, burnt out bulbs etc. It is a great machine probably the best enlarger I have ever owned, even better than my beloved Saunders 4x5 LPL with multigrade head.

Overall this was a good darkroom night. I dealt with 2 very difficult negs, and I think I won the battles or are at least near to winning them.

Here is print attempt #4:

Girl in garbage detail
Burmese girl in garbage, May 2014 Mae Sot Thailand