Monday, December 29, 2014

Dad A Bit Better

Dad was in better shape today. When I went over to the house he was laying on the sofa watching the new big  Sony 60" TV I installed on the 27th. He asked me to make him an orange pop with ice cubes, which I was happy to do. Its great to be able to make dad a bit more comfortable. He spent his whole life taking care of me, I am glad to give a tiny bit back now.

Dad is not walking anymore, something he took very hard, but he still has a good appetite. I bought him some turkey necks the other day which he likes to eat. He ate not only the Christmas dinner mom had prepared but the lunch of headcheese afterwards. People who grow up on the farm in poverty learn not to waste anything and eat pretty much everything, pigs feet, turkey necks etc. Dad worked his way up from nothing, and still craves the foods of his youth and middle years.

I lost the chance to photograph him against the white background. He cannot walk downstairs any longer. I waited because I knew he wanted to get his hair cut and dyed first, when that finally happened to much time had passed. I will have to try to photograph him with the 5x7 in available light, which is problematic in dark indoor light but we will see what we can do. I might have to make 10 negs to get 1 sharp enough to print.

Around 13 weeks till our joint birthday, I hope dad can make it, he is trying his best.