Sunday, December 28, 2014

12, 13 Hours? Who Knows

I put in a long session in the darkroom over the last day, something like 12 or 13 hours. Started work on the teenage boy sleeping in his dump lean too. I basically nailed the print with my first attempt. I ended up making 3 photos with only slight adjustments. I am washing those prints now, will take a nap, let the them dry and move on from there.

The one great advantage to not doing the drunken rabbit jump thing (constantly changing my tools) with film, developer and photo paper is you get to learn your materials. I think that helped me today with this first print of the lean too neg. I felt what exposure was required with the Ilford paper and the Tri-x fim I always use. From previous experience I just knew I was going to be close, even thou I made very limited test strips. You certainly cannot replace, feel and experience with your tools. This is something I learned on my own, through reading and meeting and talking to great photographers like Jock Sturges and Larry Louie. Today even thou I was very tired and not thinking quite straight I was able to work effectively. All because of my familiarity with my tools, no drunken rabbit hopping for me (or at least I will try to minimize it).