Friday, March 25, 2016

Weighing The Bags

Well am down to my final packing now and the weighing of the bags. All the weighing was done with my handy dandy digital travel scale.

Check in bag #1:
- 50lbs to 50.7lbs
- 7 pairs of rubber safety boots
- 1 pair of child boots, pink (donated by my work friends young daughter)
- 8/10 young girl dresses (donated by my work friends young daughter)
- hats maybe 15

Check in bag #2:
- 44.8lbs
- hats, hats and more hats, all styles around 70 or so
- dolls and other toy figures (donated by my work friends young daughter)
- camera accessories, tripod, my clothes, clear bags for found dump item collection, 2 packs small
  b/w photos to hand out, a few colour photos to hand out.

Carry on bag #1 I cannot check in my film or it will be X-rayed and destroyed.
- 21lbs
- film, 160 rolls Tx 120, 1 box 50 sheet Tx 5x7, 50 rolls Tx 35mm
- film changing tent bag
- old iPad

Carry on bag #2. Technically not allowed but I use it to carry my cameras like a woman's purse. I cannot check in my cameras, they might be stolen or damaged.
- 13lbs
- Rolleiflex F 2.8
- Plaubel Makina 67
- Lecia M6 with Tri-Elmar-M lens
- Nikon flash
- Small meter
- Sony RX100II digital camera
- RE video camera