Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Am In Bangkok!!

Arrived here in Bangkok at around noon. There was an hour delay coming out of Taiwan that put me a bit behind schedule but things worked out well. I gathered my bags, four in total, got some money then headed out to the departure taxis. Had to lift my bags over a fence to get then to these  taxis. The airport folks like you to go through the arrival area where you pay a higher fee, sneaking out at departure as I did saves you a bit. A soon as I got over the fence a taxi driver approached to help with my bags.

The drive from the airport to my Klong Toey slum hotel was VERY talkative. I have not spoken that much Thai in quite a while, basically it was like 40+ minutes of gabbing. I did not get all of it but most was understood, maybe 80% or more. The driver was a nice man of 32, a wife and 8 year old boy, no second wife (fairly common here). He spoke kindly even lovingly of his wife, he said that she was the boss and nagged him if he did not bring enough money hone after work. The man (Khun Jahn) was not a drinker or smoker (not sure if the non drinking part was true). He had driven a taxi for 5 years and liked it except for traffic jams. As we drove there was a 7 km stoppage of traffic heading back the other way  to th airport. The driver told me "No red lights but the cars are all stopped!". Anyway a nice guy who got me right to the door of my hotel (most drivers have a hard time finding this hotel). I ended up giving him a good 40 baht tip. The taxi cost was 300 baht ($11.10 CAD) plus 75 baht for tollways. Did not save any money in the end but had a nice conversation and the the driver made a bit more instead of the airport. His wife will be happy!

I checked into my hotel and got a 10% discount, the per night rate is 765 baht ($28.30 CAD). Then went up to my room unpacked and ordered some food. I chose khao pud moo (fried rice with pork) and tom yum goong (spicy shrimp soup). With a 20 baht tip the cost was 220 baht ($8.14 CAD).

Then I laid down for a 2 hour nap and woke up 12 hours later at 230am!! Gosh even thou I slept 8 hours or so on plane #2 from Vancouver to Taipei I was still very tired. Now I am rested and ready to go! Will go to a local 7/11 to get some supplies and food then head out for a days shooting in the nearby slum. Will go first to meet the folks who live under the freeway (have some photos to give them) then the Muey Thai boxers at the slum gym and the local migrant workers living in the temp housing unit.

The adventure begins today! "Ain't Photography Grand!!