Sunday, March 20, 2016

Money! Money!! Money!!!

Gosh the donation money is really piling up! The weird thing about all this money and other donation stuff, is that I am not really doing much. It is all just falling in my lap, lead by other people I know, work with, friends etc. It is all just there for me to donate to the "Families of the Dump" as if by magic. I end up looking like the hero with the people in Mae Sot, but the real heroes are all these wonderful folks giving freely here in Canada. I think the power of the photos, the video and the stories initiated it all but for the most part I just sent out a email to some folks I work with back in September 2015 and everything else came of the generosity and goodness of the people here in the Edmonton area of Canada. I am doing almost nothing and yet the money and goods keep piling up.

All this kindness from so many folks revitalizes your faith in the goodness of human beings. The money total after yesterdays $450 adds up to $1005 CAD ($555 from the fundraiser) . I also have around 85 hats, 10 pairs of rubber boots (2 children sizes), child jewellery, young girls clothing, and a variety of toys (small doll like figures etc.) to donate.

I will not be able to take everything with me but will do the best I can.