Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Paul's 8x10 Print Finished

I managed to finish the Paul in England "Forgotten Laughter"print tonight. It is all packed up and ready to be sent out tomorrow or the next day. This is the print I am giving out as payment for some small 43mm filters I got off eBay.

This is not really a great deal financially but some how it just seemed the right thing to do. I do not get a lot of request for photographs and when Paul asked for a small print, I had to do it for him. Who knows this might lead to more education and understanding about the lives of the "The Families of the Dump". I signed, dated, titled and printed the photograph to archival standards (no mat board as mounting with dry mount tissue is not archival).

I hope Paul likes the print, I will use his yellow 43mm filter this coming trip to Thai. This young Karen child lives in the garbage dump in Mae Sot, now her story will be told as it hangs on a wall in Manchester England. Her life, her experience will be remembered, and hopefully learned from.

Paul's 8x10 print with shipping tube, plastic protective envelope and spotting dyes