Tuesday, March 22, 2016

And The Money Keeps Coming!

Got another $60 plus offers of more hats yesterday. Money and donations keep coming even thou I am not asking anyone. Somehow not sure how exactly but without even asking for one dollar I ended up getting $1545 CAD in donated cash (over the last 2 trips).

Why? How? Not exactly sure but it has happened. It is connected to the underlying goodness of people. When they see they can help and the money will make a difference they try. This is also about the very positive effect documentary photography can have on peoples lives.

The donation Summary:

October 2015 - Donation totalling $480 from 3 different individuals ($200, $180 and $100)
March 2016  - Donations totalling $1065 from multiple sources.
                      - $555 from the work fund-raiser, an additional $10 last night.
                      - $300 from a family who I work with, they also donated in October.
                      - $150 from 4 boys of a family next to my friends (complete strangers to me)
                      - $50 from another one of the individuals who donated in October.

I got all that money while never once asking for any! Sort of shocking.