Friday, March 18, 2016

View Camera Workshop

I have a $140 CAD view camera workshop tomorrow with a new student. Vern the student is driving all the way up from Calgary for the workshop. Another workshop with a student from far outside Edmonton, this will be my 3rd, my second from Calgary. Hopefully he learns lots and enjoys our time together. I will try extra hard to make sure he is happy and gets his moneys worth. Calgary is a 3+ hour drive South of my city of Edmonton. The guy is really going all out to learn analog view camera photography, my teaching needs to live up to his hopes.

I will use the $140 for my coming trip to Thai, not sure how, maybe as donation money or to help pay for transportation costs to and from the dump. Every day I go to and from the dump it costs around $15. So $140 would pay for 10 dump visits, there and back from Mae Sot town.

Update* The workshop went very well. Vern is a more advanced photographer but he still learned plenty of things and said he was very happy he did the 7 hour ride to and from Calgary to spend 4 hours with me talking view camera photography. I earned 140 dollars which should pay for all transportation to and from the Mae Sot dump. Wins all round! A good day.