Friday, March 18, 2016

$555 Dollars Donated At The Fundraiser

Well the fundraiser at the plant where I work security was yesterday. We managed to raise $555 CAD plus I got a bunch more hats and 5 sets of used rubber safety boots were donated and will come home with me next week.

You got to love the power of photography, it has lead to all of this. The importance and power of pictures are amazing $555 appears as per magic! The plant paid for everything, the hotdogs, buns, chilli, cookies, treats etc. I just showed up talked a bit and got $555 from the people who work with me.

Thanks so so much everyone. I will use the money to help the "Families of the Dump".

Yesterdays fundraiser for "Families of the Dump"

Note* One sort of weird coincidence in all of this is that the Thai word for the number 5 is "HAU". When Thais chat or send SMS messages instead of using LOL they often type 555 (ha ha ha). Hopefully this is a good omen for the $555 in money donations. The contributions should bring many smiles and maybe a few laughs to the "Families of the Dump", 555 : ))